WPW10190965 Bare 8-Cube Icemaker for Whirlpool Brands


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This exact fit icemaker uses your wire harness ($69.95)

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Exact Fit For Replacing WPW10190965 Bare Ice Maker

Comes with a One Year Warranty!
Includes front cover, wire arm and mounting bracket.
You will need to use your wire harness off the old icemaker.
Replaces Part Numbers: W10190965, AP6016628, PS11749920, AH11749920, EAP11749920, 1471727, 626633, 626661, 626662, AH2341899, AP4360346, EAP2341899, PS2341899, W10122506, W10122507, W10122510, W10190966, W10190969.

Installation Instructions

  • First, remove the three mounting screws that attach the ice maker to the freezer wall.
  • Disconnect the wire plug from the old ice maker at the freezer wall & take old ice maker out & lay on a table or workbench.
  • You will need to transfer the Ice Maker Cover, Wire shut-off arm, Mounting bracket and Electrical wire harness from your old ice maker to this new unit.
  • Next is to Install the new unit by plugging in the wire harness and re installing the 3 mounting screws.
  • Now it is all done and ready to freeze. Enjoy.

You save approximately $150.00 by doing this repair yourself.

The WPW10190965 Can Be Used In The Following Models.


Universal Brand

Universal Brand

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