WPW10272869 W11512149 Whirlpool Kenmore 8-Cube Ice Maker


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The WPW10272869 Uses Your Wire Harness ($119.95 Free S&H)

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WPW10272869 W11512149 Refrigerator Ice Maker

Original OEM Whirlpool Ice Maker and uses your wire harness.
Replaces Part Numbers: W11512149, WPW10272869, W10272869, AP6018305, 1557770, EAP11751607, AH11751607, PS11751607.

Includes Front Cover and Water Tube Extension.

Uses Your Wire Harness.

WPW10272869 W11512149 Installation Instructions

  • Turn off the power supply to the ice maker by pushing the switch (located on the wall just below the ice maker) to the off position.
  • Carefully remove the ice maker cover door by pushing the left bracket to the left from the top.
  • To remove the wire cover, remove the one screw from the upper right rear of ice maker area.
  • Then slide out your ice maker as you hold in the locking tab on the left side of the mounting bracket area.
  • Remove the ice maker by unplugging the unit on the right and place on a table or workbench.
  • Then flip the ice maker to remove the screws that hold the bottom mounting tray.
  • Now use the same screws to fit the new ice maker to the mounting tray (bracket) and follow the above steps in reverse order to install new ice maker.
  • Now simply switch on the ice maker and wait for some ice.

You save approximately $200.00 by doing this repair yourself.

The WPW10272869 W11512149 is found for the following models.


Whirlpool Brand

Whirlpool Brand

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