In-Line Water Filter Kit

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Designed for refrigerators with automatic ice makers and plumbed coffee makers, water coolers and Under the Counter Ice Machines with 1/4 inch outside diameter copper or plastic tubing.
Connects To Your 1/4 inch Water Line with Compression Fittings.
Replaces Whirlpool 4378411RB, Whirlpool 4392949, Frigidaire 5305510266, GE AP717 and WF271 InLine Filters.

Installation Instructions

  • You will see a (WATER FLOW) Directional Arrow On Filter: (this is the direction that you want the water to flow from the water source to the Refrigerator, Under Counter Ice Machine or Water Cooler). The Arrow Points To The Appliance.
  • Connect the Water Source End of the Filter.
  • Aim the open end of the Water Filter Cartridge into the Pail and turn on the water.
  • You will need to Flush the Cartridge into a pail for several minutes (1 to 2 gallons) to remove the carbon fines (carbon particles) from the new cartridge.
  • Next Connect Open End of Filter Cartridge to the Refrigerator, Under Counter Ice Machine or Water Cooler.
  • You should be enjoying fresher tasting water now.
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