GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter AP3997949


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Fits GE – Hotpoint and Kenmore (363. Series) Refrigerators. Easily Twist to Remove & Replace. Interior – Vertical – Rear Mount. Designed and tested specifically for use in select side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators.

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Designed and tested specifically for use in select side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators.
located in the back upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment & mounts vertically.
Easily Twists to Remove and Install.
Replaces Part Numbers: 1262070, AH1559689, AP3997949, EAP1559689, MSWFDS, MSWF3PK, PS1559689, WR02X12345, Aqua Fresh WF282.

GE MSWF Refrigerator Water Filter

Measurements Are Approx. 8 1/2 Inches Tall x 2 1/4 Inches Wide and Reduces:
99.00% of Asbestos
93.90% of Atrazine
96.80% of Benzene
98.70% of Carbofuran
97.00% of Chlorine
97.00% of Taste & Odor
99.99% of Cysts
99.70% of Dichlorobenzene
99.30% of Lead at pH 6.5
98.00% of Lead at pH 8.5
99.00% of Lindane
94.00% of Mercury at pH 6.5
88.40% of Mercury at pH 8.5
95.50% of Particulates (Class I)
92.90% of Toxaphene
96.50% of Turbidity
96.00% of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid (2,4-D)
Does not remove fluoride from your water.

Installation Instructions

  1. Locate Filter inside fridge and turn it 1/2 turn counterclockwise.
  2. Pull the old filter straight down and discard (the water will shut off automatically).
  3. Push the new filter gently up and in until it stops.
  4. Turn the filter clockwise until it stops.
  5. That’s how easy it is to replace the MSWF water filter.
  6. Reset your ‘change filter’ light (if your refrigerator has one)


Resetting Your Filter Change Indicator

For Refrigerators without LCD screens: Press and hold the ‘Reset Filter’ button on the dispenser for 3 seconds.
For Refrigerators with LCD screens: Press the ‘Filter Replaced’ button.

The GE MSWF Water Filter is found for the following models.

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