Frigidaire 218859701 Single Coil Water Valve


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(1/4 inch Threaded Inlet) (1/4 inch Threaded Outlet) ($29.95)

Frigidaire 218859701 (Single Coil) Water Valve

Used with 218832401 Dual Water Valve.
Has 1/4″ Threaded Water Inlet Port & 1/4″ Threaded Water Outlet Port.
Replaces Part Numbers: AP2115350, 452316, AH429085, EAP429085, PS429085.

Installation Instructions

  • Pull the refrigerator away from the wall far enough so you can access the water line connection and work on the back of the refrigerator. Place a towel under the water valve assembly to catch water.
  • Unplug the refrigerator or shut off the circuit breaker for the refrigerator.
  • Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator.
  • Remove the screws that secure the service panel on the back of the refrigerator and remove the panel.
  • Remove the screw(s) that secures the mounting bracket to the frame of the refrigerator.
  • Pull water valve out of refrigerator cavity.
  • Disconnect the supply water line.
  • Disconnect wire harness at solenoid of valve.
  • Disconnect outlet water line.
  • Remove old water valve.
  • Now to install new valve.
  • Connect outlet water line. Tighten nut snugly.
  • Attach wire harness lead to the solenoid coil.
  • Insert water valve into refrigerator cavity and attach mounting bracket screw(s) to frame of refrigerator.
  • Next connect the supply water line. Tighten nut snugly.
  • Turn water on and check for leaks.
  • When all is good, attach back cover and slide refrigerator back into place.
  • Now it’s all done and ready to make some sparkling ice so you can relax and enjoy your favorite beverage.

Follow these simple steps of installation and you can really do it yourself without having to pay for a mechanic for such a simple task.

The 218859701 Water Valve Is Found For The Following Models.


Frigidaire Brand

Frigidaire Brand

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